This Week

Friday, January 14, 2022

Dear Parish Family:

“Fulfilled in your hearing”

The readings for this Sunday invite us to reflect on the importance and power of the Word of God and its challenge for us today. The Word of God is called “sacramental”, in the sense that when it is spoken, read or heard, God becomes present in our midst. For that to happen to us, we must listen to the Word, accept it into our hearts, and then put it into practice in our daily life.

In today’s gospel, on a Sabbath, Jesus, standing before the people in the synagogue of his hometown of Nazareth, read and interpreted the prophetic message of Isaiah about the mission of the Messiah. Jesus claimed that He is the One sent “bring glad tidings to the poor, liberation to captives, recovery of sight to the blind and freedom to the oppressed”. In other words, in his inaugural address, Jesus announced a biblical year of Jubilee or a year of mercy and forgiveness from God the Father. To the great amazement and disbelief of people of his hometown, Jesus declared that Isaiah’s prophecy is being fulfilled at that very moment “ in your hearing”, because the prophecy foretells and describes Jesus’s own mission and ministry.

Jesus’ mission is still to give liberation to everyone who will listen to his “Good News”, accept it and put it into practice. Today, it is part of our mission as Christians to be prophetic, preach and witness to the Gospel of life. We have to promote a culture of life by advocating for the respect of the life and the dignity of the unborn, the right to healthcare as a necessity for everyone in our society and the right to a living wage enough to maintain a normal standard of living. In other words, a Christian must be concerned about the whole person.

Jesus performed miracles because he was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us continue to be open to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives so that we can be instruments of Christ’s saving freedom. Have a blessed week!

- Fr. Jean Jadotte


Friday, January 14, 2022

Our sincerest congratulations to Dr. Robert Porto, Lucy Matos, Suzi Tennies, Carol Metevier and Leo Senesi, who celebrated their birthdays in January.

May God grant them continued long life and good health.

Wooden Religious Items for Sale

Friday, January 14, 2022

Saturday/Sunday, Jan. 22-23

Saturday/Sunday, Jan. 22-23, the group from the Holy land will be at St. Pius X with their display of wooden religious items for sale.

Please be sure to support them.

2022 ABCD Campaign

Friday, January 14, 2022

The 2022 ABCD Campaign Kickoffs the weekend of Jan, 29-30.

Please experience the joy of giving and join us as we work together to continue God’s work.

Thank you for supporting the future of the Church.

Friendship Sunday Potluck

Friday, January 14, 2022

Sunday,January 30th

Sunday, Jan 30th is St. Pius X “Friendship Sunday” potluck event after the 11:00 am Mass in the parish hall.

Please come to celebrate with us and share your favorite dish. Potluck sign up sheets available on the tables at the entrances of the Church. All are welcome.

Coming Soon - Annual Garage Sale!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Sat/Sun Feb, 19-20 in the Parish Hall.

Your donations of knick-Knacks, small appliances, linens, kitchen wares, silver, pictures, and jewelry will make our sale profitable for the Parish. Also, we are in dire need of male volunteers. Thank you.

Prayer Request

Friday, January 14, 2022

Mike Atto, Steven Whalen, Maureen Stout, Rosa Maria Santos, Angela Hoey, Joseph Montemarano, Carol Neag, Valeria Catrambo, Benjamin Grudzien, Kate Long, Quinn Fonzo, Brook Nickerson, Frances Custer, Nancy Jimenez, Kenny Suppa, Nick Williams, Patsy Hofer, Linda Jackson, Shane O’Connell, Brenda Reilly, Theresa Benditt, Dawn & Kaitlin Ward, Kevin P. Carney, Emily A. Slaughter, Bill Fleckenstein, Primitivo Gurpegui, Michelle Morris and Tucker Maute.

Sanctuary Lamp

Friday, January 14, 2022

You may have the sanctuary lamp memorialized for either a sick person, a deceased loved one, or a special intention for a weekly donation of $10.00.

Please visit the office to reserve a special date. Thank you for your support.

The Sanctuary Lamp will burn this week in the Church for the intention of Emily & Dominick Ida and in the Chapel for the intention of the Fr. Harry Ringenberger.

Respect Life Office

Friday, January 14, 2022

The respect Life Office is in need of 12-18 months baby clothes, disposable diapers 3-5, and items new or gently used. You may also call for pick-up at (954-527- 0810.)

Thank you for your support.

Food Bank

Friday, January 14, 2022

Our local St. Vincent de Paul FOOD BANK is in need of non-perishable foods to serve the hungry. Bring items to the baskets in the church.

Remember Your Offering

Friday, January 14, 2022

January 15-16, 2022

  • 1st Collection: $5,324.04.
  • 2 nd Collection: $1,228.00.
  • Online Giving: $ 702.00.
  • Votive Candles: $ 300.00.